Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How about a post?

Since I haven't been on in forever lets go back in time. ready? good because there are no seatbelts.

Just got back from the river trip. Way crazy stuff. The adults stayed in this RV that was huge! it was like in Goofy Movie when like basketball courts and tvs pop out of the sides. While we were at the lake a certain someone got the wind knocked out of him and fell off his jet ski. Silly boy. So he got air vac'd out to Grand Junction because the paramedics thought he broke some ribs and punctured a lung. But he didn't.
Good news is that there is one more seat on the truck! look at me being optimistic
So we drove up to Colorado, its this little state east of Utah, and we floated down the Colorado River. Pretty fun stuff. We were kinda expecting some harcore whitewater but it was really just like 3 major cool ones. Next time.
aaannnd we're back. Everyone ok? No? You'll get over it.
So I just got back from efy at BYU Provo. BEST EFY EVER. Probably best week ever. Everyone is having efy withdrawls but hopfully we'll keep in touch. Some how I got the nickname "Matt Damen." Apparently I look like him.

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