Tuesday, July 20, 2010


yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time in... longer than I'll admit
so I'm sitting in the chair and he goes Here, this is [insert name of pokey thing here] its going to feel like a little pinch. I'm thinking Yeah! Right!
so he's poking my gums [ok.. ok.. ow. ok ow ow OW] and calling out a code of numbers to his assistant and all the sudden he's like "... 2... 2...2...3...2... bleeding... 2..."  seriously? you have a code for plaque but you don't have a code for bleeding? not even like a wink? its not really insuring an air of confidence.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

my all time favorite dream (so far)

k I've put up some of my cooler dreams but I havent put my favorite up yet! here goes

actual picture from my brain

so I'm at my house and we are hosting a smallish party and these birds come over and are just hangin out on our fence. everyone is like OH cool birds! but I know something's up because I've seen these birds before (in a previous dream) so I'm like NO! and I shoo the birds off but more and more are coming and finally a friggin OSTRICH comes in and I'm like, k this is rediculous and I jump on its back Donkey Kong style and ride it around a bit before I fight it and break its neck but its cool becuase its a robot and like sparks and wires are flying out of its huge neck

so this ostrich-bot carcas is in my back yard and I realise that it has a huge cable coming out of it so I get my mom and dad and we follow it across the street to my neighbor's house were the cable is going into her house. She's spying on us! I rip out the cable and she comes out and starts yelling at us to get off her yard and we're yelling at her to stop spying on us!

best Saturday moring cartoon ever. I still can tell those twin sisters apart

now I'm in the jungle in a dreamscape seguay and I'm hunting these robot birds and I take aim at a robot flamango and an agent, Mr. White (the black guy just off center in the pic) starts to tell me I can't shoot these birds because they are protected. I'm like. no they're not, they're robots. he doesn't get it and won't let me shoot them so I'm thinking, this is just a tranquilizer dart gun. he's a big guy. so I pop him in the chest so I can get the birds. no biggie. BUT he's wearing a bullet proof vest! darn! so he's not very happy with me and is about to get me and has all the sudden huge guns and lots of other agents at his back (apparently the government was cracking down on poachers) and I'm like, shoot.

after saving Earth, Ironhide and the Silver Surfer occasionally grab a drink on the weekends

so now I'm running down a jungle trail trying to not get dead and then a lil toy RC truck runs up to me and then stops and it turns in to Ironhide from Transformers! he is not a small toy and he's blocking all the bullets and shooting a bit at them back and says "Come on! follow me!" so he leads the way through this trail shooting behind us and blowing stuff up everywhere. he leads me to a huge bunker door and is like GO! and he's still shooting stuff

hey this door looks familiar... and smells like ewoks.

so I go in and all these guys and a few girls are there and they're getting dressed in these super bright gaudy colors and there is a girl, very athoritative and dressed like a shaman at the door who looks me up and down (I'm in my usual white t shirt and short kakis) and is like... k follow me. and she leads me through the dressing room and I'm noticing these guys have like helmets and guns and one black guy has like an axe gun and I'm like dang this is hardcore.. wait a minute. they look familiar!

sweet goodness

so she leads me to a glowing closet and inside are a white suit with gold trimings and a sweet blade and a helmet and she says Get dressed. I was totally FREAKING OUT because I got to be the White Ranger!

shown above: me rocking out with a white tiger on lsd
Best. Dream. Ever.

Friday, July 16, 2010

day 1 of 7

apparently I don't post enough. so. here is a post. idk where this is going...

So I'm waiting to go on a date.
 by far my least favorite part of the date. I'm sitting here. waiting for her to pick me up (by her request) and I've nothing to do. like what do I have to do? pop in a movie? hmm... well I could start up Star Wars and finish it later...
basicly I don't want to get my shirt dirty. she told me she was providing food so don't eat. riiight. obviously she doesn't know my eating habits but I can't tell if the spot on my shirt is from the quesadilla or just dripped condensation from my mom's diet coke. only time will tell.oH! I have an idea for a post now. brb

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