Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm probably doing it wrong

But we had fun anyway.

I asked her on Tuesday during a homecoming themed devotional. something along the lines of:
“Hey are you going to the dance Friday? No? Ya wanna? Cool.”

Little did I know that there is more than one homecoming dance. There are like 3. So I asked my friend who I knew was going. She was going to the formal dance in the next town down the highway. Hmmmm… PASS! That’s a bit of a far walk in dress shoes. I asked what dance my date wanted to go to. she didn’t care. so I called it the Plan B Dance.

I told her I’d pick her up at 7ish. I made a quick but thoughtful iTunes playlist and got to packing my stuff. So 6 30 rolls by and I get dressed. Blue shirt, “casual” kakis which are not that bad. don’t be hatin because they’re durable! and my black coat jacket mainly for warmth. I print out what might be the most vauge google earth map ever, grab my stuff, and make like a baby and head out. I pick her up, and with no car that means we walk next to each other. She’s impressed we match, a little tip from my mom that works every time. thanks! we start walking, eventually finding land marks and such that lead us to the resturant. I was HOPING that since there were dances and other misc. parties around that a little pizza place wouldn’t be that popular. that was not my most bright of ideas. the line to the door could be seen from space.

Onward and upward!!

we almost circle campus looking for the local ice cream shop but instead found a little hot dog place. so we got 2 beef dogs with pickels and special sauce that tasted strongly of honey. she’s a bit more adventurous and got banana peppers too. that’s where I remebered I had my camera in my back pack.

I tried for an abstract “Grapefruit” pic. didn’t quite work out

we started back to the Halls but passed this really cool park with the unoffical title of “Rape Hill” it apparently has a history. but its still really cool. I was first introduced to the park when my Freshman Tour Guide or whatever you call him pointed in the general area and said “you guys should really take advantage of Rape Hill” we all laughed for a good 3 minutes.

We walked through the park a little bit, found a bench sparcely surrounded by trees and I unpacked. after I got the boom box and iTunes out, I welcomed her to the Plan B Dance.

I started out with her favorite Whitesnake song and let random shuffle on the “Homecoming” playlist I made earlier work itself out. every now and then a breeze would pick up throwing all the loose leaves in our area, deffinately the coolest way to slow dance. also every now and then, an acorn would drop and we would look up expecting an evil squirrell army to appear in the branches. we sang, we danced, we stole things. pretty much the greatest dances I’ve ever DJ’d. we decided to pack up once the sprinklers came on. then we had fun doging sprinklers on the narrow walkway back home. at one part, the park light had burnt out and the walk became even darker. she gripped my arm a littled tighter and looked around at the crunch of the leaves under our feet. I leaned over and whispered “this would probably be a good time to tell you I have a lightsaber in my backpack…”

did I mention she is a self proclamed Sith Lord? as we got closer to her dorm, it was decided that a short dress change was needed and to regroup at my dorm, lightsabers at the ready.

keeping my kakis, I traded my blue button down and coat for my white hoodie and ran back outside. and she’s standing there in black slacks, black sweater thing and what can only be described as a sleeveless Sith trench coat. if she were president she’d be Babe-rham Lincolon. we choriographed (I spelt that right??) the beginning of a decidedly epic lightsaber duel. I would feel biased since I helped make it, but we grew an audience at one point and they seemed rather impressed. it ended on acount of rain.
Best homecoming ever. Thanks MI =)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Today show

its a sad day in history when a puppet who has trouble with his alphabet and using verbs and pronouns can get a story across better than Speidi

I could do this...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm The Letter T

I couldn't find the lyrics to this song. So I wrote them. See a need fill a need!

Hey there I’m Tommy
I’m a T from Tennessee
I start words like tooth and tennis
And turkey, tongue and, tree
Yes that’s me
You must agree I am a T
The letter T

OH I’m the letter T
Oh I’m the letter T
OH I’m the letter T
I make the Ta sound
Yes that’s me

Hey there that’s Timmy
He’s a T wearing a T shirt
And he has a little tea cup
A tea cup full of green tea
Can’t you see?
Timmy and me
We are both Ts
The letter T

OH I’m the letter T
And He, he’s the letter T
WE we’re the letter T
We make the Ta sound guaranteed

Hey there that’s Tina
She’s a T wearing a tube top
And a terrific tam o'shanter
Yeah she’s T number three and I decree
Her, Tim, and me
We are all Ts
The letter T

OH I’m the letter T
And she, she’s the letter T
And he, he’s the letter T
We make the Ta sound guaranteed
Taaa ta ta ta taa-aah
Taaaa ta ta ta taaaa
Taaa ta ta ta taa-aah
Taaa ta ta ta ta tAAA

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Votes Are In

Madre got the final vote. Captain America it is

Monday, October 5, 2009

Holloween Costume

I didn't really plan on doing Holloween this year but I guess others are. so why not?
but I can't make up my mind on a costume. I've got it pinned down to Captain America or T-Pain from I'm on a Boat

Capt America is so far the favorite among my friends. but also the biggest to make.
ductape + trash can lid = shield
white longsleeve shirt + blue short sleeve = top. but idk what to do about the stripes. I guess some more tape wouldn't hurt
the biggest thing is the boots and gloves. and mask
I don't really need all the accessories. the shield is the main part. but it would be an AWESOME coustume if I got it all.... I'll see what I can do.

is next up. Definitely funnier and more modern. I've already got the glasses and suit. I'd just need a top hat and a dred lock wig which will pay for itself in no time. and a little black make up for facial hair that won't be hard to find.

what do you think?

Friday, October 2, 2009

My Life is Average

since the ever popular site where you can post a horrible story of how your day went
ie: Today, my boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me. Via text. With the iPhone I got him for our anniversary. FML
every now and then you find a funny one
Today, I sat to the right of a girl I really like. I passed her a note asking her to homecoming. She read it, then hurriedly passed it to a hideous girl sitting on her left, who said yes, then hugged me. FML
but most are just depressing

enter solution: MLIA still funny BUT happy! Cue Disney music

Today, I shouted "Hey look! I'm INVISIBLE!" at people walking past me when they weren't paying attention. When they turned to look I pretend to try and find where the voice came from too so that they would be confused. It worked. MLIA

Today I was in the store and had a little girl, about 5 or 6 years old, storm past me, clearly upset. She slammed the box of cereal she was carrying back onto the shelf and turned to walk away again. As she passed me I heard her mutter 'that stupid unicorn has messed me up for the last time'. So many questions. MLIA

Today, when I was sitting in a sociology class, the teacher was giving a scenario, which she ended with "Who are you going to call?" Immediately, the entire class responded "Ghostbusters!" She gave us extra points on our last exam, which was on conformity. MLIA.

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