Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas in January

Christmas was too short! I guess thats what happens when you wrap up classes in a 2 week fury and then coast into a 2 week break. There was no Christmas-hype. No Late-Night-Tree-Shopping. No Tree-Decorating. No FIRE! Gah! oh well. it was still an awesome Christmas.

One of my favorite presents ever from my girlfriend Hanna:

what else? oh right before Christmas break, the band The Young Hurricanes played at a local place and rocked.
ps. I'm in the Young Hurricanes. I'm still not sure if its THE Young Hurricanes or just Young Hurricanes. I should prolly know. I play guitar. This is our newest video from our latest show.

and some pics

Me and Cameron (bass)

Its a bit of a step up from last year

This is me

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