Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not a post

this isn't really a post. I just found a bunch of cool YouTube videos that I'm going to forget about later.

Highlander with lightsabers

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cue Evil Laughter

This is my roommate Mikey
thats his toothbrush
in a block of ice

you're welcome

Friday, December 11, 2009

Salsa Chocolate'

No School Tomorrow! Technically....
I do need to do homework. and I will. but right now its 4 in the morning and I'm going to listen to Thin Lizzy and enjoy it.

Thanksgiving was good. got to see everyone. saw Old Dogs. it was alright. then its back to school. same ol same ol. I got an awesome grade on my History project!
check it out

not too shabby for doing it the day before its due eh? the magic of video editing. I love it

So tonight was this Candyland themed dance at the Cannon (our uber cafeteria) and I was like "sweet!" no pun intended.

Candyland was always my favorite. up until I got caught at the stupid mud monster place. in the middle of the game. but so the thing starts at 9 and I want to legit invite my date instead of the usual "hey wanna go?" So I call at 4 to see if I can come over for a sec and she says "my class is about to start let me call you at the end" sure why not. so I'm finishing my laundy and catching up on Heroes (holy cow!) when I realize its like 6. something. call her... no reply. I'm just dropping off a card anyway (its a pop up. awww yeah) so I call her dorm-neighbor and ask her to pass it on.
8ish and I text her, something about "hey call me when you can. I'm about to hop in the shower" subtle hint at I'm getting ready and I don't know where she is. I get out to a voicemail about ...sorry, something came up. I'm going to take a test. it'll be like 30min. I'll see you in a bit
9:50 "hey I just got out of my test. sorry I'll be ready in like twenty minutes"gahhh
meanwhile back at the ranch roomate comes in with his buddy carrying 5 ft speaker towers. he's been taking a speaker building class and just finished the project so he got to take them home. they are actually pretty legit. the towers now sit on opposite ends of his bed facing his computer. the next 10-15 minutes were filled with neighbors coming to hear impressively loud Muse and Queen and some requests by me (Def Leopard, Iron Maiden) and his screams of "I MADE THESE! WITH MY OWN HANDS!"

ELEVEN she calls "hey ok I'm done." (the dance ends at midnight. shooo....) ok well I'm on my way.
"oh by the way do you want to go salsa dancing?" uhhh... what? "yeah (list of 6 mutual friends) are going and are asking if we want to go too" sure? So I get there and they don't have a ride to go out so they are calling other friends with cars to see if they can com endear (is that the word?) a ride when I realize all I've had today is a hearty breakfast, a nap, and Captain Crunch. so I grab a Hot Pocket while she tells me about her crazy day. in the two minutes it takes for the Hot Pocket to be delicious, our friends not only found a ride, but ditched us. wow. she's pretty upset and calls them to come back. they pull up in a teeny lil car packed with all our friends. I think it was 4 in the back seat and driver and passenger. and then they're like, pile in! Sure!
So I go to the back and try to lift the trunk but I cant find the latch and then they make it look like I should just pile in the back on everyone's laps. sure! about half way through everyone realizes I am longer than the car. they roll down the window for my feet before noticing that I could just switch spots with the much smaller girl sitting shotgun. sure! so its driver, 2.5 couples in the backseat and me sitting shotgun with my date in my lap.
Then we drive downtown and find the place. I don't know what I was expecting but the purple/pink lit sign "Salsa Chocolate' nightclub" was... new.

 10 bucks at the door got my date and I in. The salsa music is about as loud as my roomate's new speakers and everyone is paired off dancing in the purple floodlights. I follow the line of white kids flowing to the back and stagnate there, unsure what to do next. no one knows except for one of the guys and my date, they awkwardly try to show us some moves while the rest of our group is just fine with making it up as they go. did I mention I was planning on going to go to a formal BYU dance previous to this? the majority of the floor is wearing casual polos, a few light long sleeve shirts, and one deep V neck. and I'm in my suit and tie. awesome. I quickly dropped the suit, put the tie in my pocket, dropped a button or two on my collar and rolled up my sleeves. apparently the dark corner of the club wasn't dark enough, as a dj comes over, stands shoulder to shoulder with my friend, grabs grabs his hand, and my hand, and leads us in a crash course of salsa. ...Left foot 1 2 3 right foot 1 2 3 left foot 1 2 3 right foot  1 2 3.... awesome. thanks random dj man.

the next 2 hours were filled with mariachi music, smashed toes, and looking white.

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