Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peter Piper

This is us T-bird swimmahs at Peter Piper
This is me pretending to be Elvis
From left to right, the back of Tyler's head, Blurry Rob, and me


This was the hardest extra thing to get in TFU. But I got it!!
This is the opening title for TFU
Notice my fat head in the glare lol
If you can't tell, Darth Vader is willing the game to load
Apparently 3 at a time isn't enough. Prepare for more in a sec

Monday, September 22, 2008


apparetly I take too many pictures and my phone is starting to reject them by sending them to the card in my phone.

Why do you care?

you probably don't but I will be putting more pictures up! like so:

This was when I shredded a bitter sweet melody about endangered animals in my History class jr year.

Thanks Zack!!This is Steven. I saw his picture in the National Art Gallery in DCThis is a book my bff Britt sent me. idk

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rock Climbing

OK So I finally got some pictures to put up! Go Carol!

Saturday a week ago was the 2nd craziest Saturday ever. And I blame Tyler. We went out to the lake at like 6 30 in the morning and jump in the Bagley Boat. Tyler shows us all his excessive wake bording moves and aferward I get draged behind hanging on for dear life to the amusement of all aboard.

Our friend Gavin brings his jet ski and takes some of us with him out on the lake. I'm special and get to drive it by myself with Tyler on back. Apparently something was wrong with the balancer thing on the inside so everytime you rode it, the jet ski launched its nose in the air and if you weren't waiting for it, it would throw you off. So after flying at ducks at a constent 45 degree angle [Picture unavailable] we called it a day and headed to the dock.

After a filling meal at McD's I was home and tired. So I rested my head for a bit, seeing as how I had a date later that evening and wanted to be awake. I dosed off to the promises of getting to my weekly chores in a "litte bit." But the best laid plans of Lenny and George often go awry. I woke up around 4 to my cell phone buzzing in my hand. It was Tyler reminding me of the double date later and that since all four of us were carpooling he would pick me up first, in about half an hour. So I texted Becca saying "Be there soon MV$" Apparently she wasn't ready so... too bad.

After numerous yellow lights and a few u-turns we finally made it to our respective date's houses and off we went to rock climbing.

It was pretty awesome even though I got stuck on some crazy Mission Impossible cliff side with no help from the other end of the rope. After a few races up and down, after a few impossible climbs ending in dashed hopes of reaching the cowbell at the top, after we're all hot and sweaty and gross, somebody busts out her camera.

The resulting pictures ensued:

Thanks for the irriplaceable red eye Slope!
So we're done, I get dropped off to an empty house and locked doors. Usually not a problem, I have my cell phone, my parents aren't far, I've no where to go. Except thats not how crazy Saturdays work. Neither parent is answering the phone and I have a regional youth dance to run... er... dj. All I have is my unlocked truck. So after a near McGuyverish brake in of my own house my mom calls. Woo. So now I'm inside all hot and stinky and sweaty and I have to leave in near ten, maybe 15 minutes. I bolt upstairs like a crazy Jamaican in the olympics and shower and am out the door in six. Its a personal best! I take a victory lap to my Bronco and drive to the stake center in near 8 minutes. Another personal best! So I get to the dance and there is this kid.
But before I tell you that story I have to tell you this story
Knowing that this dance is part of the date I think to myself, Self, if you're going to dj, who is going to be with your date? Conversely if you're with your date, who will dj? and yes I say "conversely" to myself. SO I get two of my best dj-ing buddies,Jer Bear and Jordan, and invite them both at the same time with some cleverly vauge texting. I figure the more djs the merrier! Then I won't be up on the stage the whole time, neglecting my date, and I won't be on the floor the whole time, neglecting my job.
Back to the story
So there is Serge or whatever his name is. He wants to dj too! Well thats ok I guess I can just get my friends to alternate with the other and everything will be fine. Except two more say they are there to help. Its 8 oclock, dance time, and I have 5 helpers, Serge, Jer Bear, Jordan, and the other two, and one real dj, me. And no one else but chapparones but still, 6 people at the start of the dance is an improvement.
I'm given instructions not to star the music just yet because of a baptisim going on across the hall but at 8 30 get them out. Music with a purpose! Sounds good so when the clock rolls around to 8 30 I unleash my music arsonal upon the unwitting recent convert. I don't think they will soon forget when they were interupted by Corey Heart's I Wear My Sunglasses At Night.
The dance goes well. Jer Bear takes my place as one more helper appears and the rest loose interest. After a few questionable songs and some line dances the dance is over with no major hang ups. After the djs get paid and the rest go home Becca calls, "Hey we're all going to Sonic afterward." I think, oh that sounds good, I hope she has fun. Untill I realize its not a statment but an invitation.
Us original four, Barton, Bollwinkle, Bagley, and I, plus Bagley, Blackhorse, Bussell and recent aquaintance, Ariel. You can't make this stuff up. I had a delicious cheeseburger and the always amazing blue coconut creamslush. Some time around midnight we all said our goodbyes and finnished off the 2nd craziest Saturday aka THE LONGEST DATE EVER.


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