Saturday, February 7, 2009

Words of Wisdom

"One of these days your brain is going to fill up. You better be carful with what you put in it."

"Whats with all the thats-whats-she-said jokes?? Why do I always get stuck in this position?"

"Those AP kids. They are always trying to flaunt their AP-ness."

"With no power comes no responsability."

"Papa is like a racoon. He likes things that are shiny and cheap."

"I'd go too but, its awkward when I help."

"Lets try that picture again."
"That means it sucked."

"Stupid.... non floating kids."

"So basicly your dream job is to sit on your butt all day."

"He is SUCH a nerd. He looks up lightsaber diagrams on the internet!"
"Thats what I do like every Saturday..."

"Oooo look at me! I'm the Gost Rider playin' tennis!"

"He's got a crappy car but he doesn't care! He blasts his music anyway!"

"Our first song will be Personal Space Invaders."

"Thats when I will fly to Africa in my monkey stealing plane."

"Lets pretend to be rockstars who only play video games."

"I trust you have something illegal for us to do this weekend."

"Its really hard to drink from a golf course sprinkler."

"I want to live forever. So far so good."

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