Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow Trip

So on the 21st we had a snow campout in Flagstaff. It was an iditarod. Think dog sled race with people. We all packed up and headed out. The drive up really isn't that bad compared to some longer cross country road trips I've been on. So the whole time up Richard, his dad, Nick, and I popped Goldfish like they were Pez and chugged a liter of Big Red.

We got out to get some food and a little snow ball fight in Flagstaff and had the choice between Subway and Pizza Hut. It was alot harder choice than we thought but I eventually settled on a footlong meatball and the rest followed suit.

So after a little more driving we found the trailer/cabin we were sleeping in. Fun stuff. We all unpacked and popped in Kung Fu Panda. Skadoosh

In the morning we packed back up and headed out for the campsite. After a while we figured out we were on the wrong freeway but we found the campsite eventually. The sun came up like a week later and we all thawed out and had hot coca. We got some new rope for the sled and figured out our order. It pretty much boilled down to, Big guys pull, Little guys jog along side. Sadly that order would be reversed by the end of the day.
Much to our suprise we had a quick game of dodge ball with only minor injuries. I made a fantastic jump roll away from a midair ball. Sadly my landing was on the opposite side of the court I was supposed to be on.
We started the run around 10:15ish and then stopped after less than a minute for our first event archery. Richard and Nick busted out their bow and arrow skills and got us some bonus points when Nick shot a wooden bear in the foot. Then we ran around some more and came to the log saw. Needless to say this was the event for the big guys. Scott and Josh were up first, then Jake and Covey, and Rocky and Jordan pulled up the rear. It took them a while to get in the groove (no pun intended) but we finnished. Then it was the tomahawk throw. My turn. Apparently Wii and my throwing-pencils-into-a-cork-ceiling skills are transferable to real world applications. The point of the game was to throw about 8 metal cut outs of axes and knives and have them stick in a section of log. The highest score before we got there was about 2. After I dominated the high score was 3. Awww yeah.
So after murdering a log with fake weapons I was pretty tired. some more events were, rifle shooting, pull ups, 30 yard dash, the catipillar, and scripture chase was last. I was pretty dead running 2 miles at that altitue and I didn't drink ANY water. So.... SUCKS. I had like the biggest headache and I just sat in the truck waiting to go home. But its still cool. I got an award for the tomahawk massacre. So then I fell asleep in the car ride home. It was nice. Nick bought me some chapstick. Non shiney thank goodness. Then I got home. Did some chores. And then I was like "Ughh.... mom.... check my forhead." and she was like "yup" and I was like "thought so" and I stayed home Sunday.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Meaning to Fast Food

Tuesday I think it was. Around 10. At night. I was up re reading some old Calvin and Hobbs when my mom comes in. She says "Wanna grab some pizza?"
The trap is set. Pizza. At 10. Too good to be true right? I give her a sideways glance. "okayyyy"
"You don't think I'll do it do you?" she says and meets my glare. I get up slowly and put on my jeans. Waiting for the punchline. I put on my coat. Still no punchline. Shoes next. Nothing. We are acctually going for pizza. SWEET
Unfourtunatly the Barro's down the street closes at ten. But Pizza Hut is next door! Next best thing. They close at ten too. So we get tacos at the ajoining Taco Bell. Then down the street again for a large frosty at Wendy's. Hey we're on a roll. Why not go for more? Next is the Jack in the Box. Got some curly fries and a small cheese burger for me. Then McD's for McNuggets. What else can I get my hands on? One more place. Burger King. Don't really remember what we got there. I was busy trying to keep my blood stream unclogged. And we were home before 11. Thats 7 resturaunts in less than an hour. Prolly less than 45 min.
I gotta say. I was pretty proud.

The next morning I had left over McNuggets for breakfast.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bite Me

My mom said I looked like Edward with this hair

I thought I looked more like Syndrome with acne

This is me

My photo
BYU Animation Major. Going into storyboarding, concept art, and 3D modeling.