Friday, August 20, 2010

Crazy dream Aug 20

     I was on a celebrity reality pirate show as a stand in for Matt Damon because he left and made drama so they just needed a guy to stand in the background out of focus to say its Matt Damon but it was awesome and I started hanging out with Robert Downey Jr. but it was a little awkward because I totally had a man-crush on him the whole time. we were at Islands but a shark sank the restaurant while I was FINALLY asking for his autograph for "my dad". bummer. 

     so then me and this girl were cruising downtown L.A. at night and there was a collection of people around so we were like Lets check it out and it was a court yard like Desert Ridge but there were a few cops around and one guy ran away freaking about the cops so I want to see whats up and go to the Starbucks where its all going down. 
     There is one scrappy guy with a sack (probably of stolen money) and a taser and the cops are just standing around. The dream gets semi lucid and I'm like, what if I just punch him in the face? what could happen? so I did. right in his eye. I reach behind him and grab the wrist with the taser and try to wrestle it away but he sets it off. the cops in the background are like Thats assault! We gottem! but I grab the guy with my left hand and the taser is hitting my burnt fingers (4th of July bottle rocket incident) and its burning my hand but I'm like No biggie, this happens all the time. 

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