Friday, May 20, 2011

Elder Schroeder

Holy Elder Schroeder Goodness! 

so, sick companion, stuck in the church building. what does Elder Schroeder do? Piano! (its coming along. slowly) my trainer/companion would stick his head in the door between bathroom breaks to give me frequent and completely unnecessary updates on his... status...  but the piano is only good till the last drop and I dropped it. so. now what? internet! however given my recent call to abstain from the worldly wide web my web surfing has been reduced to boogie boarding at best.  
dip into the deeper waters of Google name search! friends from the MTC and reading their mission blogs etc. nothing sketchy =D so then I hit none other than "Elder Schroeder" just for kicks and giggles. (honestly I wanted to see who would pop up in case a fellow missionary was looking for me!) holy cow! well obviously in hind sight if you Google search "Elder Schroeder" you are going to get "Elder Schroeder" so I scrolled a bit and found this fellow!

"wouldn't that be funny if I sent this home? this is me! life is great!" However I actually recognized this name stealing fiend as a fellow MTC greenie! Its actually not too hard to find a matching name tag. so I click on his blog and its like "Day 4, he's not feeling too well..." past tense, 3rd person, picture of a teddy bear holding a flower, obviously his mom is in charge of this realm. however it says Day 4? he came in when I did. he's been out a while. so I hit 2011, newest update and it has his name tag! aww! and... 


-yeah. Elder Schr-o-der. and Elder Schr-a-der. no joke. I totally remember taking this picture too, sad I didn't have my camera at the time but I was like "oh well" and OMGandolf its right here on the internet.

so I Google "Elder Schroeder"
get a different Elder Schroeder
recognize him as a fellow Elder Schroeder
and I find
This Elder Schroeder
I'm also writing this post
to get a complete monopoly 
on the Google search results 
for Elder Schroeder
and so less people see this one of me without a jacket I found it whilst Googling:

Elder Schroeder Haiku:
I Google for me
What is the world coming to? 
Get a strange Schroeder

Missionary work
Is moving fast in Conway
Please send more Skittles

-Elder M.V.Schroeder 

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