Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Late

so this is a late post. supposed to come before Winter break but school happened... dang school...

My room.

My roomate is Mikey, so he wanted to put a giant M on our door. sure.

Mikey also likes to lock me out of the room. so I invented the BRB Bottle (litteral translation is Be Right Back Bottle) seen in the top right.

This is my friend Mike.
 No relation, we have like 5 Michael's on the floor, Harding, Mikey, Mike, Schroeder, and MC

Mike likes to be awesome in his free time and has several computers in his small dorm desk. Here he is playing Halo on one computer while the other takes a nap.

Also in Mike's room is wallpaper of Coke products. 
and the top edge of his wall (where the wall meets ceiling) is lined with empty soda cans held to the wall with tape

This is my friend Caulin. aka Snizzle on Mikey's bed
thats his blog. its cool. if I forget something cool he usually remembers it. so check it out

more recent picture
I froze his socks 

There is also a ghost in my room. 
His name is Sparky. he is sound activated and comes when you whistle 

Midweek update

so I haven't posted for a while. where can I catch you up on?

Back from a too short winter break, sick for about 3 weeks
spent way too long catching up
quit the band
Got an awesome thing in the mail from mis padres
Super Bowl. didn't do anything and felt... wrong. (got an AWESOME HUGE package from my AWESOME *APPROPRIATELY SIZED parents)
*moved out of my room to down the hall (alot cleaner and quieter)
*Valentines Day (another large gift [my girlfriend is worried])
and present day!

* means I'm coming back. I just realized I've had pictures I've been meaning to put up forever but havent. brb

This is me

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BYU Animation Major. Going into storyboarding, concept art, and 3D modeling.