Monday, September 22, 2008


apparetly I take too many pictures and my phone is starting to reject them by sending them to the card in my phone.

Why do you care?

you probably don't but I will be putting more pictures up! like so:

This was when I shredded a bitter sweet melody about endangered animals in my History class jr year.

Thanks Zack!!This is Steven. I saw his picture in the National Art Gallery in DCThis is a book my bff Britt sent me. idk


brittany said...

your "bff"? I happen to think you are 10 times cooler for saying that. Nice blog. 2 in one month???... WATCH OUT!

Bailey said...

Sup Michael!! This is bailey. Post some pics of me on there!! Why should you put some pics of me?? Because im ur cuz!! (and i pwn) lolz.

This is me

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