Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Massive V 2.0

This was a scorpion I made out of twisty ties and bordem.
This is popcorn. Yup

This was a heart I found on my truck window. Sadly it was gangreen and had to be removed immidiately.

This is my Mr. Davis costume. He wears suits with orange ties everyday to school and has curly hair and glasses. It was pretty awsome.
Jet pack v 1.0. If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0 and move on.
This is Starkiller. He has the Captain in him.
This is my lazy dogs playing fetch with that ball on the left.
Tyler thinks it funny to say he is greater than me using symbols. I think its funny when I put shaving cream on his car.

This is Tyler playing his new song "I Love Bunnies"
I tried to combine Chiefs and Becca in the same space. Mission accomplished

In an effort to save my dear phone memory I'm dropping off a huge load of pics with a minor amount of explainations
v 2.0 now with explainations!

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brittany said...

hey! you put up pictures, nice step, but now words? and MICHAEL! me and Ash just made the mormon bible of dating.... check her blog for it.... its REALLY funny. just an FYI: we (ash and i) solve all the worlds problems at night. like for reals, we have all the answers, but only after like 11. its a weird, but so true. Now, this is a long comment! so I'll be waiting for some more posts. i mean.... nothing about New York? Sad..

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