Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Meaning to Fast Food

Tuesday I think it was. Around 10. At night. I was up re reading some old Calvin and Hobbs when my mom comes in. She says "Wanna grab some pizza?"
The trap is set. Pizza. At 10. Too good to be true right? I give her a sideways glance. "okayyyy"
"You don't think I'll do it do you?" she says and meets my glare. I get up slowly and put on my jeans. Waiting for the punchline. I put on my coat. Still no punchline. Shoes next. Nothing. We are acctually going for pizza. SWEET
Unfourtunatly the Barro's down the street closes at ten. But Pizza Hut is next door! Next best thing. They close at ten too. So we get tacos at the ajoining Taco Bell. Then down the street again for a large frosty at Wendy's. Hey we're on a roll. Why not go for more? Next is the Jack in the Box. Got some curly fries and a small cheese burger for me. Then McD's for McNuggets. What else can I get my hands on? One more place. Burger King. Don't really remember what we got there. I was busy trying to keep my blood stream unclogged. And we were home before 11. Thats 7 resturaunts in less than an hour. Prolly less than 45 min.
I gotta say. I was pretty proud.

The next morning I had left over McNuggets for breakfast.


[re]becca said...

Haha your mom's so awesome!! thats way funny.

brittany said...

I am commenting to make your life cool. AND to tell you that... that's more places to eat than located in the entire town of THATCHER! No joke. So the fact you are able to have a FROSTY anytime you like makes me so jealous of your face.
peace love and a robot.

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