Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What to do...

What do you do when you have the world at your fingertips?
Turn on iTunes. Stare at the world a bit. Poke around a little till your attention span burns out and head to the blog.
The new laptop is crazy amazing. But it turns out its not quite all mine yet. Either that or just the simple fact that no computer is safe from my mom. You ever have that feeling when you get something new, and its super cool, but you can't play with it yet? I get itchy.

*Thank you notes*
Are dumb. Whats the point? They are redundaint. The card already says Thanks on the front. That should be enough. Besides, the card reciver is going to toss the stupid thing in the trash the next day. Why bother? 30% of the worlds landfills are thank you cards. I'm just adding to the problem. Thank you cards are not eco friendly.
I have an idea. Lets all give the Thank you card that keeps on thank-ing and NOT do thank you cards and save our planet. A thank you card saved is a thank you card that is not clogged in a seagull's throat. Great idea? or the greatest idea?

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kms said...

Stop blogging and finish your thank you notes.
Love, Mom

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