Friday, August 28, 2009



First day:Thats how got here. thats me in the top left being dropped off by a teradactal
The dorm:

left to right (in varying detail)
My side of the room:
half cleaned bed. I figure if I put it on my bed it will have to get cleaned before bed. right?
White bladed Telecaster, an elegant guitar from a more civilized age

Fridge = half way

My r00mate Mikey's side of the room:
next to the black bag hanging on the wall, Digeridoo. its legit. very aboriginal for being plastic
bed with too many pillows. but I have yet to see him sleep so it might just be for show. I've heard Provo has a high vampire count. well higher than the US average. lower than Phoenix
roll up piano on the window cill. ciell? ceil. window lege

so far BYU is very freshman friendly. only one "man freshman are annoying!" remark behind my back which I thought was rather funny because her friend's reply was "shh! there might be one close by!" I walked off feeling accomplished as I had snuck into the inner sanctum of BYU and they didn't know I was new. Woo!
this seems impressive to me since the age spectrum for guys starts at the low 18 then compleatly skips 19 and 20 since most guys are on a mission at that time and goes straight to 21-22


MarySue said...

I will love reading your BYU adventures on this blog. Wishing you an absolutely great freshman year!!!

kms said...

Are you calling me a dinosaur?

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