Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crazy Dream 9-2

I took an airplane trip through time-space and ended up in medieval times. The kingdom was threatened by a giant robot spider who lived in the woods. The King got together all his armies and they went out into the forest looking for it. All the sudden a huge metal spike smashed into the middle of the garrison. All the knights were freaking out and trying to get away but then the
spider ran off. Even though it just obliterated half the king's horses and half the king's men like an anthill we OBVIOUSLY followed it because the king told us too. Medieval monarchy=dumb

So we ended up looking for the monster in a cottage in the middle of the forest that ended up being my old house (if I was looking for a 80 foot horse-eating arachnid, I'd look in my old house too. its nasty) so anyway I get the door open and the soldiers burst in and tear the place up looking for clues. I yelled at them a bit but nothing came of it so I was like Whatev. Looks better now anyway. so I go to use the bathroom but the door hits something soft and only opens half way. uh oh! I flip on the light and behind the door are two wild cats!! idk why I called them 'wild cats' in the dream but it happened. I usually call them mountain lions or Cougars. They looked like a mix between

so thats OBVIOUSLY a 'wild cat'. there was a grey one and a brown one behind the door and they were sleeping till I bumped them with the door but they were chill. and then in the bathtub was a lil baby! much more like the pic on the right. so they were obviously cute and not a threat so I backed out apologetically and turned out the light.
I walked back down the hall to watch the madness for a bit when all the sudden I hear the bathroom door open again and its some idiot with a pike (long pointy thing) and he flings the door open and screams and is jabbing at something in the bathroom! AA! sad! I stabbed the jerk with his own weapon (not fatally) and kicked all the knights out of my house. I checked in the bathroom and the mom and dad were crying over the baby. super sad! it was too late and the lil guy passed away. I took the 3 of them out side and we had a funeral and said goodbye and they jumped the fence to the golf course.
I came back in and the house was a bit cleaner and my mom was making my bed in my old room. I helped her finish and then my dog ran out of the closest to come greet me! Awww! and then the mom and dad wild cats jumped out of the closet! and they sat on the bed with my dog and my mom was like What is this?? haha. and then the lil baby came out of the closet too! and they were all playing on my bed and my mom had no idea what was going on.
I woke up wondering if my dog was ok.


Adige said...

What a cute little dog

kms said...

Your dog IS ok. Now I'm wondering if you are.

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