Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thunder Kiss '65

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Do you know what he's saying? This is the best I can come up with
Well sweet a lil bit gets hot in hell a cheatin on the HEY YOU
Right spittin on with me the Holocaust a how'll kick you out TOMORROW
Break down agony I said a extacy and novacaaa
we're ridin on the wall, Thunda kissin, nineteen sixta fiiiiive yeah, wow, fiiiive yeah, wow
demon wallses comin a down in 19 60 5 5 5
A lil bit fasta now you lookin like a ale yin poetry
my throwin socks now and freak out inside a me
my cooole salvation a ringabroration on the jam
the power of the plaster movin faster nineteen sixty fiiiiive yeah, wow, fiiiiive yeah, wow
sleazy waltzes comin a now in 19 60 5 5 5
[you're all shook up arn't ya baby?
I never try any thing, I just do it
wanna try me?]
aaaaAAAAA SLOAW! yeahh yeahhh gimmie that gimmie that OWW! OW! ow! yeahh!
rollin like a super sonic another boot an get down on it
exnay a million miles I gotta heart a comic's style
thinkin lookin easy and after what I said
the last is down a kick a louse is in my heaaad
yeah, yeah, yeahhh gimmie that gimmie that NOW gimmie that gimmie that NOW x2
step inside the moon shot with the hounds from hello resurection
wahno put the cat can your ears stop the affection
well you can't take it with you but you can getjerdenaaa
some like it hot yeah twisted nineteen sixty fiiiive yah, wow fiiive yeah wow
the demon watch meh comin loud in 19 60 5 5 5

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