Friday, July 16, 2010

day 1 of 7

apparently I don't post enough. so. here is a post. idk where this is going...

So I'm waiting to go on a date.
 by far my least favorite part of the date. I'm sitting here. waiting for her to pick me up (by her request) and I've nothing to do. like what do I have to do? pop in a movie? hmm... well I could start up Star Wars and finish it later...
basicly I don't want to get my shirt dirty. she told me she was providing food so don't eat. riiight. obviously she doesn't know my eating habits but I can't tell if the spot on my shirt is from the quesadilla or just dripped condensation from my mom's diet coke. only time will tell.oH! I have an idea for a post now. brb

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