Monday, October 4, 2010

Crazy dream Oct 3rd

this dream was awesome and I tried to write it down. the bold titles are my near unintelligibly handwritten notes
 History hw w/ Ahoy (could be Alex)
I was doing history homework? idk this one. apparently my friend Alex was there

People stew
Nasty part of my dream. for some reason I cooked a leg from some one. Soylent Green

Z w/ friend
L pick me up
E in the truck
 after cooking up some leg, I went to bed. I woke up to my friend and her friend tapping on my window late at night. they convinced me to go out for a little bit even though it was so late. I figured we'd be back soon so I didn't worry. but then my other friend came and picked me up and my friend I haven't seen in a long time was in the truck so something was up

Whats going on
we end up on a double decker bus with a bunch of my friends and some celebrities

Famous people
-security guard from Night at the Museum 2 (Jonah Hill)
-Robin Williams
-baby-parents-poo (Kathrine Heigl and Josh Duhamel)
they brought the baby. that was nice of them.

Mac N Cheese
Party buss Downtown
we are all jammin to Coldplay in downtown... somewhere. still in the middle of the night. when...

Text from mom
uh oh. in a very elegant text message, my mom states that it would be a good idea to get home as close to now as humanly possible. 
some time after Kathrine Heigl changes the baby's diaper, I pass out into my mac n cheese

Wake up w/ baseball recites 
I'm home?
 I come to, still in the mac n cheese, I'm on the party bus alone and my mom is looking for me. I'm like, what just happened? its like the Hangover but with Kraft 

EVERYONE is home
suddenly everyone comes out and my mom is like surprise! 

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