Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Dream

I only picked the most epic part of my dream because the rest was weird and doesn't make sense. like any of this makes sense

I was called out to a dig site about something strange the workers found. When I got there, there was this huge wall of dirt that had huge purple font on it. but it wasn't english. most of the workers had been cleared out but some scaffolding had been left to get a better look at the weird letters.
I was getting a wide view of all the letters when this huge swirling purple spot appeared in the middle of the text. Everyone was freaking out and running away but I just sat there like, Ok... This is new.
Then a HUGE Transformer like robot/monster busts out of the purple spot. He's knocking down the scaffolding and starting to climb out but I'm like Oh no he doesn't... and I transform into a huge white robot/awesome with a glowy sword. epic battle ensues. and my parents decode the purple writing.

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