Monday, August 24, 2009


a few naps and a Dr. Pepper will do that to me.

I found this paper the other day, I tend to do that. I'll explain in a bit
I have a real thing for alliterations. Please read this as fast as you can. I plan on using this some day:

A bunch of brave broads bearing bologna bombarded my beloved Bronco.
But this soon backfired as a brave band of boys backtracked to find the baloney baronesses and balked any further bodily blemishes by barricading the Bronco.
Belligerently, the bold battalion battered the back yard belonging to a bratty baloney baroness with buckets of bare bananas with out batting an eye.
The barrage was back breaking but the brawny banana barbarians believed to have beaten the baloney baronesses by biblical proportions.
The brethren briskly bolted in a beeline back to base and basked in their brillientness.
The bittersweet conclusion to this bizarre battle is that both sides bare blemishes. My Bronco is bathed in blue paint and your back yard is buried in bruised bananas.

I've bolded and blue'd the text to easily behold the brilliance.
sadly the 2nd part never came to pass. we never got the "bologna baronesses" back

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