Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hover board

if you didn't know. I am seriously planning on building one of these, life size.

I'll use it at first, practicing out in an open field with a helmet and knee pads. then slowly I'll reform the design to make it smaller. Eventually I will get to the point where I can jump out my corner office window, turn it on mid air, and fly home. also I want to race a jet ski on it in the middle of a lake.
then I'll get older and settle down and it will rest in the back of the garage covered by a dusty drop cloth. then, on my sickbed with a mysterious illness, I'll tell my oldest son to take it for a spin before I die. He'll get addicted, using it too much untill he burns it out or gets in a non fatal accident. He'll modify the board to fit him better and make a mini pair for my wheelchair. Xavier style:

seriously how cool would that be?

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