Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Day

it started out innocently enough. just a little dark. a bit misty. but no rain in sight! this will be fun!
Oh how very wrong I was
I took this horrible day in steps.
1st. get to breakfast.
2nd. survive the walk cross-campus to English.
good thing I wore long sleeves. and by long sleeves I mean modestly small undershirt and a paper thin long sleeve button up
after breakfast I began the frigid journey to class. I was obviously not going to make it dry, which was my biggest problem at the time. So I went into stealth mode and Ninja'd some cover to stay out of the rain.

It actually worked pretty well until she started walking past the english building. so I followed my natural instinct.

Grab it and run like heck

ok maybe it didn't end quite like that. but the ninja'd part was real.

She's from Michigan. She doesn't need an umbrella

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Carlie said...

The girl from MI rules massive.
Yours Truly
P.S. I'm a better stalker.

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