Monday, October 5, 2009

Holloween Costume

I didn't really plan on doing Holloween this year but I guess others are. so why not?
but I can't make up my mind on a costume. I've got it pinned down to Captain America or T-Pain from I'm on a Boat

Capt America is so far the favorite among my friends. but also the biggest to make.
ductape + trash can lid = shield
white longsleeve shirt + blue short sleeve = top. but idk what to do about the stripes. I guess some more tape wouldn't hurt
the biggest thing is the boots and gloves. and mask
I don't really need all the accessories. the shield is the main part. but it would be an AWESOME coustume if I got it all.... I'll see what I can do.

is next up. Definitely funnier and more modern. I've already got the glasses and suit. I'd just need a top hat and a dred lock wig which will pay for itself in no time. and a little black make up for facial hair that won't be hard to find.

what do you think?

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